Stay Tuned – Agile for HR

Agile is all around us! McKinsey predicted about 5 years ago that the Agile organization is dawning as the dominant organizational life form. Your organization might be already in the midst of a so-called Agile organization. But not enough is said, how such a transformation is impacting the role, mission and way of working of the HR function within an organization.

With this website, we want to support you in your understanding, how an agile mindset and methodologies can help HR teams become more effective in achieving their mission of attracting, growing, and retaining people.

We are planning to create a community with shared learnings, access to resources on Agile for HR, Learning & Development, Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement and Organizational Development. There will be a series of different trainings, workshops and other things to support you on your mission to bring agility to life in your organization.

Stay Tuned!

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